Getting our Heads Together – Issue 1: Reaching out to you

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It just felt the right time to begin a blog on the work that we are doing at the BEP.

We know that many of you don’t know the majority of work that we do and in many ways that’s a good thing! We (and more of who ‘we’ are next week) generally only get involved with your individual school when you need us to. We’re a bit like an emergency plumber, useful in a crisis, but we try not to wait for the water to be cascading through the ceiling before appearing!! Sometimes it’s as simple as turning off the stopcock, but other times it requires digging up blocked drains and all which that entails.

So this new weekly update is all about school improvement, little bits and pieces to share with you that you will hopefully find useful and that is worth a read.

My very best wishes to you all.


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