BEP Blog – Issue 12: Direction of Travel for Schools Engagement

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Direction of Travel for Schools Engagement

Hi all,

Just a quick update on our latest thinking for BEP engagement ideas for the next academic year.

We will be able to continue to regularly work with schools identified as being a priority*, however, we won’t be able to offer an ‘engagement’ visit to non-priority schools as the reduced contract means we don’t have the financial capacity to provide this. We do know from your emails and conversations that this is something that a number of you have really appreciated and would like to continue. So, should you want a visit from a BEP Headteacher partner we can easily arrange it for you but if you are NOT a priority school it needs to come through part of our Traded Service offer.

We are also reviewing our use of District meetings; we know that these meetings have had varying success. So to ensure that no school feels isolated and remains part of the Birmingham family, we are currently discussing ways of trying to ensure a BEP presence at local networks, consortia and fora instead of District meetings next year. This is not as easy as it looks, but we are trying to map it out. This way BEP can get messages to each of you and you can also get messages and requests back to us. We are considering ways of using our SLIC reps and current District Leads to act as conduits, but please believe me nothing has been finalised and any thoughts of how we can successfully do this will be much appreciated.

*By early next term all schools will know if they are included in the scope of BEPs priority work next academic year or not.   It will be based on very similar criteria to this year, with Ofsted imminence using as a deciding factor. More details/criteria will follow in next week’s blog, but I didn’t want to go on and on and bore you all to death! 


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