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Hi all,

Just a quick update (as promised last week) as to where we are with the BCC contract for next year. We are waiting for final sign off from BCC and the BEP Board, however this is the plan we have proposed based on my learning over the last 18 months…“18 months” I hear you cry! All I can say is time flies when you’re having fun!
We are proposing that we will be able to provide regular visits for support and challenge to the following maintained schools. This will amount to a fixed number of days based on level of need which we will clearly share with the schools concerned.

Special Measures, RI and Coasting will remain Priority Schools. We will also be able to provide priority support for good and outstanding schools who are expecting an Inspection (within the next academic year) who are considered vulnerable by data and leadership capacity.
As this year, this will be agreed with the schools themselves. We have also earmarked a number of days for any school who has an unforeseen crisis.
Clearly any school in an Ofsted category or in receipt of a ‘coasting’ letter already knows this and once the detail has been agreed you will receive a letter explaining your entitlement and naming your priority support. Vulnerable schools will be identified once results are out (using the above criteria) and contacted early next term to agree any support.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me.
In the meantime, my very best wishes to you all


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