BEP Blog – Issue 16: I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday

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I may not be there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday

Good Morning,  

Last week I promised I would let you know about the KS2 results in the city. While as yet unvalidated, there is some good news! Results nationally rose at expected standards in Reading, Writing, Maths and GPS; here in Birmingham our standards not only kept pace with national increases but we exceeded the increase rate by 1% in all areas including RWM combined. 

Of course, this means that we remain below national rates and we all accept there is still a lot more to do. However, I am so thrilled for the very many of you that have radically improved on the 2016 position. Maths has continued to improve and we are now 3% behind national standards with GPS exactly on the national. Reading remains our ‘bête noire’ and we are still 6% below national levels and for the vast majority of schools it was reading that again brought down the combined score.
To help with this we are planning on focussing on a couple of ideas next year. One is to keep promoting reading courses that we know make a difference, sharing successful reading programmes and resources. We will also run some ‘leading reading’ sessions and sharing the best practice from our reading project which concludes next week.

However, we are aware that this is not all we need to focus on. Effective ways of tracking pupils across RWM combined and accuracy of predictions and other issues to do with internal assessment will be a priority for us to help you in the next academic year. We are planning on running Family of Schools events in November (using 2017 data) where we can share effective practice regarding tracking as well as providing the right support for issues which are affecting the family group. More details of this will follow next term.   

In the meantime, I know how hard you have all worked and I am proud to be part of school improvement in this city and the progress that is being made.

My very best wishes to you all


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