BEP Blog – Issue 2

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BEP is based in a small office in Digbeth. We have John, Achla and Debbie and Gillian part-time who are operations, admin and finance staff, along with Danietha as PA to Tim and myself. Claire coordinates the BEP Peer Review Programme, Emma and Rahul work on our events, website and communications. Greg produces reports for the various stakeholders and Trudy (previously a headteacher and then a school improvement lead in Staffordshire) is a welcome new addition to the team working to ensure that we have the right paperwork for the City contract and systemising the support we are offering and providing to schools. Ben works alongside Greg and Trudy. Tim ensures that the services which support your work are meeting your needs and is your voice at a range of tables finding small pots of money to help your schools, which is how we have Andrew developing Arts and Anna coordinating mental health programmes. As for me, my role is simple; I am a Headteacher (currently without a school) serving all of you Headteachers and my job is to try and make your job easier, without being a nuisance, more on this another time…


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