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SAVE THE DATE: No I’m not inviting you to a wedding but a giant family of schools party, with a party bag which includes advice on fitting your SEF to your data!

Thank you so much to those of you who have returned expressions of interest for the ‘Reading’ bid (see last week’s ‘post card’). We currently have 30 primary schools and need at least a further 10 by WEDNESDAY of this week.

I know there is no guarantee but if you’re not in it you can’t win it!

With half term waving at us on Friday, I would like to ask all of you in infant, junior and primary a massive favour, which I hope you will see the benefit of. I would like you to save the date of 23rd November 2017 and ensure that your school is represented. I would like to create a massive ‘Family of Schools’ networking event which involves every school in the city. I would like to invite one person from each infant, junior and primary school to come to a free morning to get this year’s version of Family of Schools (Key Stage 1 and 2), build support and find partners.

On top of this as we know any Ofsted readiness updates are useful, you will also have a chance to ensure your SEF addresses key lines of enquiry identified in ASP (RAISE replacement). This will be facilitated by FFT to help you create a blended data approach to self-evaluation review by using ASP and Aspire.

Please please have a representative there and make sure you get all your friends to come too.

Enjoy a well-earned break and see you all on 23rd November!


Book your place for the 2017 Families of Schools Launch

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