BEP Blog – Issue 3: Families of Schools

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When I worked in Sandwell I was fortunate enough to be part of the Black Country Challenge. Within this project we were put into Families of schools based on prior attainment, social deprivation, EAL and mobility. The Challenge produced a booklet which we could all use.

I found it so helpful that here at BEP we decided to create one for Primary Schools in Birmingham, as part of our mission to support schools working together. Its purpose is to enable you to see how schools similar to your own are serving its pupils. It will (if you want to use it) develop and strengthen your collaboration with other schools.

There are 22 “families” and if you are in a primary school  your school will be in one of these. We have also included a ‘family’ for EAL and mobility. If you find this booklet useful we can provide the document again next year using 2017 results. (We will wait to hear your thoughts). It is really interesting to share it internally with staff and governors too.

We have produced a video (yet again a case of ‘Ruddle Watch’) to give you more information, as well as the booklet itself. Please watch the video first. Secondary colleagues please have a look as we would like to produce something similar for you 2017-2018 if you think it would be useful.


watch the video

download the families of schools document

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