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Lots of Briefings!

Good Morning Everyone,

Isn’t it a joy when the mornings are getting lighter and the nights taking longer to appear? It almost makes the frantic domestic activity of the weekend bearable!

For those of you in the reading project here are a few updates:

I sent out the first Reading Project newsletter just over a week ago. If you haven’t had it, please check your junk/spam file. I will be sending out another shortly with the handbook in it. It is going to be the main way I keep you all up to date. It will also contain key dates and meetings etc. so its worth reading I promise!! They are also stored on our website here

There are SBM briefings being held this week across the city for all schools in the reading project. It is really important that you get your SBM to one of these, as the invoicing requirements should we get the bid money are complex and I don’t want you not to get paid for your work!! 

The SLE reading project briefing is Friday 16th March and the Secondary briefing is Tuesday 13th March. The SLEs required at this meeting are NAMED on the Reading Project newsletter in the SLE section. The Secondary briefing is for the 10 Secondary schools who are part of the project.

All this activity and we STILL haven’t heard from the DfE about the bid, but as ever I am remembering the words of my wonderful nanna “Our Tracy you can live in hope, if you die in despair” (spoken by the way with the most glorious Tipton accent!!)

So another week of living in hope for me!! Enjoy your week and you know where I am if you need me.

My very best wishes to you all


Director of Continuous School Improvement, Birmingham Education Partnership

book a place at the sbm briefing

book a place at the secondary briefing

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