BEP Blog – Issue 7: I don’t fail, I either win or learn

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Firstly, can I just thank a number of you who answered my call about potential Headteacher vacancies. I feel more confident now that we can help schools who may not have a leader next academic year.

So in the same vein I have been having a little worry this week about teacher recruitment, the number of vacancies some of you have and likewise the numbers of you that are having to carry out staffing restructures or taking a gamble on recruiting staff on pupil numbers, which may or may not actually arrive in September.

Clearly I cannot solve all these problems for you, however I was wondering if we at BEP could help in some way. So, if you have teachers who are potentially surplus to requirements in September or if you have any vacancies you can’t fill, please email me; I can then hold a ‘bank’ and try to ‘match-make’. If I am overwhelmed then I will have to rethink the strategy but at least I can try and be of some help. I will leave the thought with you for now and wait to hear your responses.

In the meantime, to all my primary colleagues, my thoughts and best wishes for next week. I hope all your hard work pays off.


Writing at Primary school is ideally suited to Comparative Judgement; read the article by No More Marking below

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Chris Wheadon, founder of No More Marking will present KS2 & KS4 workshops at the Learning to Shape Birmingham Conference on assessment and pupil progress


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