Governor Support

Development and support for your school governing body

We offer a range of services to ensure your school governing body performs efficiently and effectively, delivering the very best leadership for your school.

Being part of a school governing body can be incredibly rewarding. But with a range of statutory responsibilities and strategic aims to meet, plus day-to-day paperwork and admin, it can also be a real challenge, especially at the start.

We’ll help every member of your school governing body meet those challenges. We can demonstrate how to determine priorities and focus on the most important things, using good teamwork to succeed. We’ll also keep your team updated as responsibilities and requirements shift, ensuring you follow a clear route and make reasoned decisions.

Here at BEP, named, experienced professionals at our central office are available to provide telephone or email support to Governors. We work closely with School and Governor Services to ensure a ‘joined up’ approach to advice and support. Our partnership arrangements also mean that we work closely with National Leaders in Governance to ensure bespoke support for FGBs on a number of areas such as; support with structural solutions, training for Governing bodies on issues related to School Improvement and support for schools looking to create Interim Executive Boards (IEBs).

We provide a comprehensive range of support and challenge packages to help governors fulfil their demanding roles effectively, such as:

Headteacher Performance Management

According to the National College of Teaching & Leadership, ‘effective oversight of the Headteacher’s performance management process;’ is one of the most important roles played by the governing body. As external adviser to the Governors in the Headteacher’s performance management, we will challenge you to sharpen the process so that it incorporates the ten features of effective performance management.

Leadership Partner

Signing up for a Leadership Partner will provide you with a highly experienced school improvement expert who will challenge you to evaluate and improve leadership at all levels throughout the academic year. The Leadership Partner reports will provide governors with an external evaluation of the school and help them in their challenge and support of the school.

Interim Senior Leader Solutions

Bespoke and responsive support for governors in times of uncertainty.

Headteacher/Senior Leadership Recruitment

Our support in leadership recruitment, from Senior Leaders to Headteachers, will challenge your governors and leadership team to set high expectations for these crucial appointments. Through a collaboratively designed and rigorous interview process we will support you in testing and checking the suitability of candidates to lead in your school.

New to Headship Support

This package comprehensively supports new Headteachers and encompasses support visits and telephone support, BEP Leadership Partner visits (SIP) and Head Teacher Performance Management.

To find out how BEP can support your school governing body

Please contact our Director of Continuous School Improvement, Tracy Ruddle at or call 0121 285 0924

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