Projects & Priorities

Ever-changing political priorities mean the expectations on schools is also constantly changing. Our projects and priorities are therefore shaped around those changing expectations.

Our current priorities grow from the major challenges facing schools, whether in response to new demands in SATs and GCSEs or in the growing impact of austerity or poor mental health experienced by children and young people. The narrowing curriculum and pressure around narrow accountability measures leads to our current work in the Arts, Sports and in Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Our City-Wide Priorities for the current year are:

  • Addressing weaknesses in KS2 Reading
  • Infant schools and evidencing progress
  • Disadvantaged learners at Secondary
  • Developing a mental health programme for primary schools supported by more accurate measures for children’s mental health and wellbeing.

Current Projects Include:

Reading Partners

This project:

  • provides professional development opportunities to target schools whose performance is cause for concern
  • Matches self-nominating low reading performing schools to a Reading Partner school that has been identified as having good pupil outcomes
  • Identifies a TSA to manage the project across the year
  • Held a launch reading to support the partnership of schools and share best practice
  • Identifies collectively the strategies and scheme for good practice from the project and send out to all schools regularly
  • Works with local and national companies to provide resources at reduced costs
  • Promotes free reading CPD
  • Provides action planning and target setting timeline set by the schools involved in reading project
  • Provides a reading partner SLE to work with the supported schools to keep action plan on track and collect evidence of impact
  • Hold an end of project day for all partners to enable outcomes analysis and collate the most effective strategies to raise standards
  • Looks at Year 1 phonics as a key foci of improvement/development via the Reading Project support programme
  • Via the School Performance Board and Performance Review group process holds schools robustly for their outcomes in reading if a key focus

Raising Attainment of Disadvantaged Youngsters (RADY)

RADY events cover the following:


The Birmingham Education Partnership is committed to enabling schools to become emotionally supportive and resilient communities for all of its pupils. The important and challenging role of schools in the early intervention, prevention and management of mental and emotional health is becoming more evident.

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Careers and Enterprise

Created by the government backed Careers and Enterprise Company (CEC), the Enterprise Adviser Network pairs senior business volunteers with schools and colleges to build employer engagement plans. The purpose of the Network is to create powerful, lasting connections between local businesses and the schools and colleges in their area.

find out more about the birmingham enterprise adviser network

BEP’s internal or organisational priorities include:

For more information on BEP’s current projects

Please contact our Director of Operations, John Garrett on 0121 285 0924 or

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