Raising Attainment of Disadvantaged Youngsters

OFSTEDs latest report on the most able students in the non-selective system identified that one of the key reasons for underachievement was low expectations of the poorest students.

RADY seeks to raise expectations from entry into Year 7. RADY is a long-term project rather than a quick fix. It involves uplifting the starting point for Year 7 students to put them on the same flight path as their non-disadvantaged peers, to allow schools to take early action to close the skills gap, rather than continuing to ‘fire fight’ in Key Stage 4.

Participating schools will receive 3 face-to-face consultation visits and participate in 2 best practice networking sessions, sharing ideas and strategies with colleagues starting their RADY journey in 2017 and using the experience of those who began in 2016.


RADY School Testimonies

“It’s about knowing the kids. This is a thread that runs through everything we do and is the starting point for our practice”.

“RADY has been a catalyst for our school development. It has prompted us to refocus our attention on Year 7 rather than trying to fight fires in Year 11. Developing the curriculum to take into account the needs of disadvantaged students will benefit all students and ensure that the journey through our school is as effective and coordinated as possible. Our staff are becoming more aware of the cultural literacy that is essential to success in their subjects and we are filling the Pupil-Premium gap with the knowledge that disadvantaged students require but are not always able to access”.

“RADY’s simple premise – to uplift PP KS2 data and then put in strategies to make the uplift stick – has transformed our strategy and energised staff”.

“Working with RADY has helped us to refine our practice and provided valuable advice and ideas.  It has helped us really focus on how we ensure the improvement of the life chances of our pupil premium pupils are constantly at the forefront of all our minds”.

“RADY is an expectation, not an aspiration…we have adopted, from the outset, the mindset from all staff, students and parents that they WILL achieve regardless of background. There are no excuses. We know that we are the only chance for some of our pupils and that they need solutions not barriers. Purposeful practice, knowing our pupils and developing cultural capital have been integral to our approach”.


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