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Schools included in SSIF 2 Bid

List of schools included in SSIF 2 bid

Reading Project Handbook

Please note, this handbook will be updated regularly and the latest version will be found using the button below. 

Last upload: Tuesday 11th September 2018

ssif 2 reading project handbook

Resources: CPD Day 1, 13th February

Reading Launch Presentation, Tracy Ruddle

Talk4Writing Success in Reading

Reading Reconsidered

Resources: CPD Day 2, 21st June

Building vocabulary to close the attainment gap

birmingham reading enjoyment survey report

Danger by Moonlight by Jamila Gavin

preparing for literacy guidance

robust vocabulary instruction

ssif 2 reading twilights

tier 2 words

vocabulary instructional activities

vocabulary, grammar and punctuation

have you ever heard the word/phrase?

Other Resources

maximising the impact of teaching assistants

Synopsis of Reciprocal Reading - use in school to school support


reading champions

Education Endowment Foundation Resources

Assessing & Monitoring

Putting Evidence to Work

Making best use of Teaching Assistants

Improving Literacy in KS2

Tony Whatmuff: Comprehending Comprehension, Making the invisible visible!

summary of slides

diagnostic reading conversations toolkit

in the moment of reading

dogger by shirley hughes

the great mouse plot by roald dahl

Get ready for a conversation!

read aloud think aloud

reading detectives lesson plan

Example Invoices and Timesheets

blank days time sheet

timesheet - partner schools example

timesheet - receiving schools example

example invoice - partner school

example invoice - receiving school

blank invoice

Reading Newsletter

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Upcoming Events

Reading CPD Day 3 - Book your place hereWednesday 26th September08.00 - 16.00Villa ParkReading/Literacy Lead
Reading TwilightsAutumn 2018 - Summer 201916.00 - 18.00VariousReading/Literacy Lead



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