Global Development and Issues

Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP) and TIDE~ Global Learning (TIDE) are delighted to announce a new partnership to help schools and young people engage with Global and local issues.

Global issues such as poverty, migration, human rights, climate change, aid, and development, impact on our communities and are a powerful vehicle for engaging young people in both debate and the school curriculum.

What is the Global Issues Project?

The global issues project is a chance to explore how a variety of issues are represented on both an international and local scale, and how to bring this into the classroom for the benefit of the school.

This project will provide a space to discuss barriers, benefits and beyond. It allows teachers to communicate their experiences and share best practice around the discussion of global issues in the classroom and identify how this can underpin the development of the school.

What we are currently doing

Currently, we are visiting schools to meet both teachers and students to identify what their needs, and discussing what the benefits and barriers are to global orientated work – and how we can overcome barriers!

What the future holds

Become part of a teacher network to share best practice and support each other around the discussion of global issues within your schools – the first meeting will be Thursday 1st March 2018 at Moseley School and Sixth Form!

book your place at the global issues network introduction meeting




To join the teacher network or arrange a visit to your school

Please contact Kasi Allan at or 0121 285 0924

email kasi

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