Pastoral & Inclusion

Making school work for every individual, especially those with additional needs, is an area that particularly necessitates joined up working.

While SEND remains one of those areas most firmly still an LA responsibility BEP supports schools with SEN and inclusion reviews, with support and training and with capacity building through partnership working.

As accountability increases and budgets shrink, as MATS form (so far) with little blending of mainstream and special provision, there is much to threaten a cohesive inclusive system. In its city-wide position BEP supports the local authority in wanting all of us to engage in developing a continuum of provision that is free of silos and barriers, that makes the most of a limited High Needs block and that recognises we all have a duty to provide as much as we possibly can before learners are placed in more expensive provision.

BEP is committed to sharing the best of inclusive working and sees the importance of bringing the expertise of Special education to bear in mainstream settings (and vice versa).

Support Packages

BEP represents schools at the Early Help Partnership and within the Strategic Leaders Forum with the city’s leaders.

We are also on the time-limited Inclusion Commission. In all these contexts we work to build understanding that will support schools through effective partnership working.

BEP is able to provide assistance if you need help understanding or engaging with effective practice in the following areas:

  • Preventing exclusions and developing alternatives
  • Improving the effective use of TAs
  • Accessing support and training from excellent practice in the special sector
  • Reviewing whole school pastoral and inclusive working
  • Understanding thresholds of need in terms of mental health and wellbeing
  • Support for your SENCO
  • Developing emotional literacy

For more information please contact the BEP Office 

at or call 0121 285 0924

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