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We are delighted to share with you the BEP Core Traded Offer.

For the past two years BEP has been focussed on working with schools that have been identified as vulnerable. Our impact has been well tested and measured. We have achieved this by using a team of high quality, independent education professionals as Priority Partners with years of experience, working successfully at all levels of challenge.
If like us you know that every school has a mixture of excellent practice and aspects that could definitely be better, and if like us you think it important that schools should deal with their own weaknesses before others spot them, then there is something here for you.

Our work addresses both the needs of individual schools and of those of groups of schools working in formal collaboratives, referred to here as “family” packages.
BEP expects to be measured according to the following principles:

  • Trusting relationships as central to all our work 
  • Objectively using national frameworks and comparators
  • Agreed work with clearly defined purposes that improve children’s outcomes and/ or ensures greater security in terms of external accountability.
  • Activities which support long term sustainability by building capacity within and between schools.
  • Our view that every school as a partner and potential provider as well as a recipient.
  • To stretch and challenge, where necessary BEP will draw on national and international good practice.

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