2017 KS4 Families of Schools Launch

Thursday 8th February 2018 | 09:00 - 12:00 | mac Birmingham, Cannon Hill Park, Queen's Ride, B12 9QH

Build support, find partners, learn from each other, identify your strengths and how you can help, get support for your priorities. 

Come and join what we hope will be the largest collaborative gathering of Birmingham schools to ensure that ALL Secondary Schools are represented

This session will be led by Tracy Ruddle and Professor David Woods 

A clear message from the Learning to Shape Birmingham 2017 Conference keynote, by Sir David Carter, was that a school led system that successfully delivers improvement relies upon Schools and Trusts having the ability to see themselves as capacity givers and capacity takers. Additionally, it was clear that looking at practice outside of your own establishment enhances your ability to ensure that you are delivering the best and retain a perspective of what the best looks like. 

In this session, we will facilitate several key items:

  • the launch of the 2017 KS4 families of schools document 
  • provide evidence of the successes of collaborative working
  • You will also be given the ability to identify the areas in which you are a capacity taker or a capacity giver

The format for the day is:

  • Launch of the 2017 document 
  • An exploration of what the Families of Schools document is and the evidence that has led BEP to choose to give it to Birmingham schools 
  • Get your copy of the 2017 Families of Schools document, find out which family you are in and see performance within your family group 
  • Meet the other members of your family and share your key improvement aims and strengths along with your capacity to share and support 
  • The final segment will provide an opportunity to identify a partner to access support from or provide support. This will form the first step in allowing Birmingham to assess the effectiveness of the Families of Schools tool. 

Audience: Headteacher or other members of the SLT 


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